G3 Partners

G3 Partners

G3 Partners is one of Asia’s first startup-focused PR and marketing agencies. We provide a full suite of global services for startups expanding overseas and raising investment internationally.

We are dedicated to providing high value, cost effective and transparent PR and marketing services to startups, helping them achieve actual business goals, and amazing them with the results.

The need for startup PR
Most startups are founded and led by geniuses who develop technologies with potential to change the world. However, many lack the ability to effectively bring their products to market and build successful brands because they struggle to communicate the value of their products in ways that compel people to buy them. Solving these issues is G3 Partners’s speciality.

Serving startups’ real needs
We quickly identify our clients’ actual business goals and work towards achieving them rapidly. Our “No Bullshit” approach enables us to dedicate project budgets directly towards achieving stellar results.

How we are different
G3 Partners is not the world’s first PR agency, but we are one of the first in Asia that is totally dedicated to working with startups. Our diverse international team and deep networks in and knowledge of both Asia and the West ensure we consistently meet and exceed client requirements.

Our clients
We’ve worked with startups from Asia, the USA and Europe, ranging from bootstraps to billion dollar unicorns, but our core strengths are in helping early and growth stage tech startups that are expanding overseas for the first time. Geographically we can help clients most effectively with expansion in Northeast and Southeast Asia and the USA.

We have helped our clients get featured on TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Forbes, TechInAsia, e27 and many other publications in Asia and the USA.

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